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Donating in funds

With the donation money we buy cars, which we donate to They will then be sent to the army, after a check and a paint-job. Unfortunately the military have lost many cars as a result of  the war and they are in  huge need of transportation. They need to be able to move quickly from the trenches, hotspots. For this reason we mainly focus on buying: 

– 4×4 SUV. The positive side about the SUVs is that they are very manoeuvrable on the front-lines. They can escape at speed and the 4-wheel drive ensures that they do not  get stuck. 

– Pick-ups. The pick-ups have the benefit that they can be armoured. This increases the chance of survival in case of an attack. The armoured pick-up trucks from Car4Ukraine have already saved many lives.  

– Vans. The reason why vans (like Volkswagen transporters) are advantageous is because they can carry large numbers of  soldiers and ammunition at the same time. They will be used to keep supplying the frontlines with all the necessities.  

We collected donations through various channels. 

DUTCH? Donating with IDEAL is possible here:


Donate your car

Donating your car

Already 8 cars have been donated to us by people from Holland and Germany. Ukraine is currently in great need of cars, as many of them have been destroyed by the Russian army. Please let us know if you want to donate your car! 

Every car can be of use; if it’s not a 4×4 the car will be used by the medics, turned into a rescue vehicle or will be donated to other NGOs within Ukraine.  

If you want you can join our group and donate the car in Ukraine by yourself. We have had many people who joined and donated their car personally. We take care of the paperwork and the rest of the organisation. 

Just send us an e-mail if you’re interested. 

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Donate goods

We are always looking for the following:

– Clothes (kids/civilian/army clothes). These can be either new or second- hand. Since the winter is almost over, we are currently focussing on spring/summer supplies.

– Generators. Ukraine is always in a huge need of power supply, because of the brutal attacks on the energy-sector. Any type of generator is appreciated and very useful. 

– Toys. We send toys to various orphanages and to the east of Ukraine. In the recently liberated cities or hot-spots people have nothing. Kids are extremely happy to receivetoys, because many of them have lost their houses and and all the contents.

– Medicine & First-Aid Supplies. Medicine and first-aid supplies go straight to the east and will be given to soldiers and civilians. There is a lack of medicine in, for example, Donetsk Oblast. 

Partner NGO's

NGO's we work with in Ukraine

NGOs we work with in Ukraine 

Below are the 2 main trusted NGOs we work with inside Ukraine. 

– Car4Ukraine. Car4Ukraine is the organisation that takes care of our donated cars. They find a purpose for every type of car that we bring, maintain them, and in some cases armour and paint them. 


– Road of Life (дорога життя). This organisation shelters internally displaced civilians from the east and makes sure that their children are well taken care of. They also distribute goods to recently liberated areas or cities where fighting is ongoing. They are the organisation that receives most of our humanitarian aid. 





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