Christmas for Ukraine


Santa Claus to the frontlines.

Christmas campaign for Ukraine

Christmas is a time when we think and talk about peace. Unfortunately, that peace is not so self-evident for everyone. Since February 24, 2022, many Ukrainians are no longer insecure about their lives and live in poverty and unrest. We would also like to give the children in Eastern Ukraine a bit of a Christmas feeling. Putting a smile on a child’s face with a small gesture, as is so normal for us.

How does it work?

For children – by children. The aim of the campaign is to pack a shoebox full of presents for the children in eastern Ukraine. It would be nice if Dutch or German children could put together/pack these Christmas packages (with Christmas paper).

What can go in it?

Gifts & Toys (second-hand or new), craft supplies, a drawing or Christmas card made by a child, candy, cuddly toys, etc.


The collection will last until December 8. The items are then collected by “Road of Life” at the collection point.

Where can it go?

The Christmas packages can be delivered/sent to:

Netherlands: Schering 11, 7641LR, Wierden (name: Jannink)

Germany: Mannesmannstr. 3, 50996, Köln (name: Klassikloft)

How does it arrive in Ukraine?

We are an organization that has brought about 40 cars and many loads of relief goods to Ukraine. We work together with the Christian organization Every week they bring relief supplies from western Ukraine to areas where even international aid organizations do not dare/cannot reach. This way, the items arrive at places where they are really needed. These are areas close to the front lines or areas that have just been liberated. They will leave just before Christmas with the Christmas packages and distribute them in 12 different places in Eastern Ukraine. There will be a report on our page (at results)

We and the Ukrainians will be extremely grateful for this beautiful gesture!

 Thank you so much, Slava Ukraini!

Who are we?